Friday, September 4, 2009

Zombie UHW: "Keep Your Hands Off Our Dues Money!"

So an E-mail comes into ¡AA! from the Zombies, informing us that they would like us to sign the petition to tell Ralph, Sal and Joan to keep their hands off of Zombie UHW dues money...

First they tried to take $3 million of our dues money for their own use...then they spent $11.5 million of our dues for their own personal power...then they took another $3 million from our strike fund, and now these three former officials have grabbed another $265,000 from our union treasury.


Former Vice President Ralph Cornejo claimed 352 days of unused vacation. That's 11.7 years' worth of vacation pay. Former President Sal Rosselli claimed 261 days, or 8.7 years' worth. This was on top of 140 days of vacation Cornejo cashed out while still part of SEIU-UHW, and 120 days Rosselli had already cashed out. They each claimed they were entitled to five weeks of paid vacation every year plus an extra week every year for "relief time."

The labor commissioner has ordered these payments:

Rosselli will get a total of $128,341.
Cornejo will get a total of $129,809.
Former Secretary-Treasurer Joan Emslie will get a total of $47,873.
Overall, former staff and officials have received $1.8 million of our dues money on their way out the door.
Earth to SEIU: This is what happens when you fire people without proper cause. If you had proper cause, then the labor commissioner would not have found SEIU liable for those payments.

And while you're at it, perhaps you folks in SEIU should start a petition to make sure that Annelle Grajeda, Alejandro Stephens, Rickman Jackson, and Tyrone Freeman should keep their hands off of our dues money as well.

Just saying is all...


  1. Yeah, never mind the thousands and thousands of dues dollars STILL being wasted on the salaries (and *gasp* vacation days) of worthless and ineffective staff who themselves contributed directly to the "criminal behavior" of the Rosselli regime ("I was just following orders..") but are still drawing a paycheck from UHW because they lack the spine to stand up and do what's right. A few names come to mind...

  2. Actually, this is just the law. In California, vacation pay is considered wages and have to be paid out whenever an employment relationship ends.

  3. Actually, every California employer must pay every worker all wages due upon that worker's departure from employment. It doesn't matter whether the departure is voluntary or involuntary. If the departure is involuntary, it doesn't matter whether the cause is "proper" or illegal as hell. If a worker is owed money, including cash-out for unused vacation time, and files a claim with the state Department of Labor Standards Enforcement, an award by the state labor commissioner is virtually automatic.

    An "Earth to SEIU" comment, implying that there are circumstances where a worker would not be entitled to wages due upon departure from employment, might make for good snark. But actual workers read this blog and it is harmful to them for this kind of misinformation to be spread so casually.

    Sherry Minson, RN and workers' rights attorney

    P.S. Happy Labor Day to workers everywhere!

  4. Did everyone see that SEIU has re-painted the purple RV? Here's a picture I took:

  5. I wonder if the $11.5 million figure is from the Fresnohomecare fight? If so how is it that NUHW takes the blame for SEIU's spending spree? Isn't that like me spending my friends money, that is to say it's physically impossible!


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