Thursday, September 24, 2009

Olympia Spanked, Courtesy of NUHW

There’s more to union activities than just gathering people into a group and negotiating on their collective behalf. There is also a duty to protect the interests of those whom you are charged to protect – this comes as the price of being allowed to negotiate on their behalf and to collect periodic dues.

The duty for fair representation is one of the areas where Zombie UHW has utterly and completely failed during the trusteeship, as the stack of DFR’s sitting at the Labor Board offices can readily attest.

One of the most egregious examples of SEIU failing in its duty to fairly represent its dues-paying workers was highlighted over at Perez’s place, and involved Will Brennan down at the Olympia Medical Center, who was suspended without pay for the mere act of talking to people about NUHW. Not surprisingly, Zombie UHW would not take up for Brennan; as it turns out, it was a SEIU representative who actually colluded with Olympia’s HR people to discipline and ultimately to terminate Will Brennan’s employment. The full back-story of this can be found on Perez Stern by clicking here.

This is where NUHW comes in, and this is where Olympia Medical Center gets spanked.

My only regret in this case is that Zombie UHW didn’t get called out by the NLRB for their collusion in getting Will Brennan and others disciplined for exercising their clearly-delineated rights in the workplace.

Kudos go out to the NUHW reps for making sure this wrong got set to right.


  1. That SEIU has been colluding with employers and management to discipline or fire union members who support NUHW is well known. How the purple plague-ridden people can sleep at night is beyond me. How can these hypocrits assert that they are part of the labor mevement when all they've been doing in Califronia is working hard to suppress healthcare workers' voices crying out for a democratic union that will fairly represent them? Truly, Andy and his followers have no shame!

  2. So does this mean Will got his job back? He was fired for his union activities, correct?

  3. From my reading, that would suggest that Will did indeed get his job back (Perhaps the man himself is a reader and would be willing to confirm this himself).


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