Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NUHW Adds Sequoias-Portola...

One more unit freed from frivolous SEIU blocking charges has opted to go with Big Red...

Workers reject cynical effort by SEIU officials to deny them the right to join a union

Seventy caregivers at The Sequoias Assisted Living Facility in Portola Valley have won their election to form a union with NUHW.

“We organized our union so we could stand up for ourselves, and make sure our residents get the best possible care and that we are treated with the dignity and respect we deserve,” said Jose Bolanos, a cook at the facility. “Now we have a voice to do that. We’re thrilled to be part of a democratic union that is run by healthcare workers like us.”

SEIU had tried to block this election for several months with frivolous charges. When the labor board rejected their charges and scheduled the election, they failed to win enough support to get a spot on the ballot. The final vote was 40 for NUHW and 20 for “No Union.”

It must be noted again - SEIU prevented these people off from joining a union for almost nine months, even though SEIU had no intent of ever representing these people - just like with the HHS group at Los Alamitos. The results were seen at the ballot box.

It can't get any lower or any more cynical than for SEIU to deny someone the opportunity to join a union when SEIU had no intent or desire to represent those people for themselves.

SEIU is acting like a dumped boyfriend that can't take "no" for an answer. It is unfortunate that such a formerly proud organization has had to stoop to this level.

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