Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Red Revolt In Sonoma County

A new blog has recently appeared which is outlining the absolute travesty that was the Zombie UHW contract vote conducted for the Sonoma County IHSS consortium.

Instead of the typical method of contract voting for in-home care providers, which is a secret ballot conducted by mail, after a copy of the contract had been sent out to all the providers (IOW, the way UHW did things before the trusteeship), Zombie UHW limited the voting times to two hours each in three different locations, all of which were in the center part of Sonoma County.

Go give them a read and bring your barf bags along, as they detail what is in our future when Zombie UHW conducts a vote at Kaiser, or at Sutter, or at CHW, or...

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  1. I'm never surprized how detestable the purple plague really is. How can anyone in good conscience stoop so low by systematically screwing healthcare workers? And for what! Simply to make a point? Andy cannot be humiliated this way? How can an upstart union without any funds be able to challenge the great PURPLE PLAGUE?

    Well, it's simple. First, SEIU has never understood that it's the membership that make Sal and all the volunteers so strong. Without the loyalty of healthcare workers throughout California NUHW would not be able to take on Goliath. Healthcare workers in California know first hand that the dedicated people who volunteer to build a strong and democratic union are doing what they're doing for the membership. Andy and his cronies will never grasp this simple truth.


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