Friday, November 20, 2009

Introducing...Sternburger With Fries

Just recently passed along to us is a new entrant in the ongoing BlogWar against SEIU, SternBurger With Fries. They have more lowdown on the "Wrong Number" that the Providence Tarzana workers received when they protested SEIU's hijacking of their vote, and they also have a report on what happens when Zombie UHW brings 45 pizzas to a protest but no protesters show up to eat said pizza.

Enjoy, and a welcome shout-out to SternBurger.


  1. The Chicken SEIU scabs are really into food these day. Egg tossing in Los Angeles and pizza bribing at Alta Bates in Oakland.

    When a supposedly reputable union has to resort to bribing healthcare workers to attend their phony protests, one can surmize that the bribing union really has no clout or support among workers.

    Sternburger With Fries is off to a cool hard-hitting blog.


  2. Our Right to Fight the Fight.

  3. Andy Stern, per his own accounts, originally got involved in organized labor because there was free pizza at the meetings. Maybe they figured if it worked for him...


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