Monday, November 2, 2009

Hurry Up And Wait

Much is being said about the NLRB's decision rendered today to schedule an election for the representation petition at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, to be conducted on December 17th.

While I am happy for the workers that they are going to (finally) be able to render their choice as to who will collectively represent them before management, one question needs to be asked:

Six weeks?

No, let me rephrase...


Make no mistake - six weeks could seem like an eternity for the SRMH workers who have fought so valiantly since March to get themselves to the point that they can actually choose to engage themselves with a union of their choosing. These next six weeks are going to suck for some people, because Zombie UHW is going to try to (quite possibly literally) beat people senseless with its noise machine. Some examples of the SEIU noise machine can be seen over at Keyser's place.

This is an election that could, and should, take place within the next two weeks. That the NLRB decided to give Zombie UHW another extra month beyond that to try to coerce, intimidate, misinform, and otherwise BS people into voting their way just shows how far into SEIU's corner the NLRB is.

I take pleasure in the fact that an election is now finally going to occur. I just regret that it is being delayed for no good reason other than to give the Zombies additional time to muddy the waters.

To my brothers and sisters at SRMH: Stay strong, stay united, stay focused. This is the big one. This is going to be the first major hospital-wide contest between NUHW and Zombie UHW, so make this one count.

And let me know if y'all need any earplugs or sunglasses to divert from the Zombie noise machine.


  1. SEIU pushed for an election in January but backed down to December. Still too long a wait, but better than next year.

  2. The SEIU scabs will indeed try to intimidate, coerce, lie and simply try to peddle their filthy wares on those who are not fully committed to voting for NUHW.

    This strategy will create chaos but I strongly believe that the Memorial workers have fought too long and hard to let the scabs get the better of them. NUHW will be victorious over the anti-union, backroom dealing, dues hungry Purple Plague.

    NUHW rising! SEIU deminishing!


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