Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Ready To Rock the 5-5-9...

Photos are coming out in regards to the goings-on down Fresno way...

It looks like NUHW doesn't feel the need to warn its volunteers about an appropriate dress code.

It also looks like the NUHW folks are there in the right frame of mind, with love in their hearts...

...and smiles on their faces. There's a pretty good reason, too - they are their of their OWN volition, rather than being told by the Zombie UHW and SEIU goons that they have to be there unless there are "extenuating circumstances."

See the rest of the photos on the NUHW Photostream on Flickr. Never have so many people been so genuinely happy about being in Fresno in June.

Keep it up, crew! Give 'em NUHW Hell!

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