Sunday, May 17, 2009

SEIU Ineptitude, Arizona Style...

Back around the middle of March, a group of county employees in Pinal County, Arizona, filed for recognition of SEIU as their labor bargaining agent. To commemorate this momentous occasion, seven people (that's right, seven) gathered together at the Pinal County administration building in Florence, AZ, to submit their petitions. We even had video coverage of the groundswell of public support for ever-expanding Purple Plague...

This anemic showing on the part of the petition supporters should have been an indication of the final result...

The votes have been tallied in the election process for an authorized employee organization to represent the office and clerical employees (SEIU) and the Deputies and Detention Officers of Pinal County (PCDA).

For those who voted in the office and clerical area, the number of no votes were greater than the number in favor. SEIU will not be representing the employees in this area.

In the election process for Deputies representation, a majority voted to be represented by the Pinal County Deputies Association.

The final results will be presented to the Board of Supervisors as soon as it can get scheduled.

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  1. Four of the seven worked for SEIU at the time that video was taken.

    Writing. On. The. Wall.


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