Thursday, May 7, 2009

How NOT to Raid a Union...

Those loveable scamps at SEIU have poured millions of dollars, and thousands of man-hours into SEIU 721, in order to raid EAA down in the City of Los Angeles. Of course, they didn't have the wontons to put the actual vote tallies in their "victory" announcement. That's because they got their asses kicked, and they don't want people to know how badly they actually did.

EAA, on the other hand, had no problem publishing the actual vote totals.

Here's what the Plague got for their money and their time:

May 7, 2009 – Tentative results are in for the representation election. However, 3 of the units have sufficient numbers of challenged ballots to affect the outcome. Over 70% of the ballots mailed to EAA-represented employees were returned, an impressive number. The actual number of votes cast in each unit follows:


MOU 1: Voted to protect their union, stay in EAA.
EAA: 859
SEIU: 568
No Union: 17
Challenged: 123
Void: 7

MOU 8: ERB to resolve challenged ballots due to large number of challenges. Runoff election likely.
EAA: 453
SEIU: 489
No Union: 36
Challenged: 75
Void: 5

MOU 17: ERB to resolve challenged ballots & irregularities in the ballot counting. Runoff election likely.
EAA: 165
SEIU: 180
No Union: 9
Challenged: 19
Void: 0

MOU 19: Voted to protect their union, stay in EAA.
EAA: 108
SEIU: 88
No Union: 4
Challenged: 8
Void: 12

MOU 20: Voted to protect their union, stay in EAA (ERB must resolve challenges, but number of challenges is small compared to vote margin). No runoff expected.
EAA: 497
SEIU: 392
No Union: 34
Challenged: 77
Void: 0

MOU 21: Voted to protect their union, stay in EAA.
EAA: 659
SEIU: 269
No Union: 7
Challenged: 68
Void: 5

Remember that the procedures require a successful choice to obtain 50% + 1 of the votes counted after disposition of all challenged ballots. If no choice receives this amount, a runoff election is scheduled between the 2 choices receiving the highest numbers of votes.

EAA thanks everyone who voted to protect his or her union. Your effort in learning the facts and returning your ballot is appreciated.

Bringing all the numbers together, it breaks down like this: A total of 5233 votes were cast, of which only 1986 (37.95%) were cast for SEIU. On the other hand, 2741 votes (52.38%) were cast for EAA. A total of 370 ballots (7%) stand to challenge, but none of the challenge votes can flip a MOU from EAA to SEIU.

In fact, SEIU failed to win a clear majority of votes in ALL SIX of the MOU's - the best percentage that SEIU obtained was 48.26% in the second-smallest MOU by vote total.

All in all, this was an EPIC FAIL on the part of the Plague.

And for all you Plague supporters out there, you should keep in mind that, were this vote being conducted by standard SEIU rules (pooling all the votes together instead of individual units voting), then SEIU would be absolutely, positively out on its ass in this vote. As it stands now, they need to survive a runoff in order to achieve victory in two (maybe three) of the six units.

Couple that with the ill will they've engendered all over SEIU 721 with this useless campaign, and it's a lose-lose every way you slice it.

Well done, Andy. You've once again done us proud.

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  1. If EAA beat SEIU, other unions can too! How did EAA do it? Just basic research to uncover the facts. Here are some of the sordid facts we EAA members learned about SEIU 721:

    Corruption is rampant in this local. Tyrone Freeman stole millions while Andy protected him. The members couldn't do anything about it because Andy hides the financial records.

    Andy set everyone's dues at 1.5% long ago. He can and will raise that whenever he wants.

    The members have no idea what is discussed in negotiations. Andy's appointees can sign off on contracts with the City to get kickbacks.

    SEIU 721's current contract wih the City of LA requires them to make concessions and adjust their raises every 6 months. The raises in the contract are just suggested starting numbers for negotiating down.

    We in EAA already earn much more than SELU 721 members because of their weak contracts.

    There is no way to file a grievance because they don't have worksite representatives. They only have a call center with staff who don't know or care about contracts.

    SEIU 721 didn't file tax returns in 2006 or 2007. This will result in a huge scandal, fines, and higher dues to cover the fines.

    SEIU 721 has no constitution or bylaws. Andy can set any rules any way he wants. His rules don't allow the members to vote on contracts, elect officers, protest dues increases, see financial data, or participate in decision making.

    Basically, we rejected SEIU 721 because of their long history of corruption, Andy Stern's dues, City of LA contracts that require concessions every 6 months, and no constitution or bylaws to protect the members.

    Thanks to EAA and IUPA, the truth about SEIU and SEIU 721 has been laid bare for all to see. We voted on the facts, and we want to share those facts with other unions.


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