Friday, May 15, 2009

Ground Zero: Fresno

Cal Winslow in this week's Counterpunch lays out the NUHW versus SEIU fight from soup to nuts, and ties together several threads that have come forth, from the Trusteeship, to SEIU's double-dealing and collusion with KaiPerm and CHW in the NLRB petitions, to the out-of-town idiocy displayed by the Zombie SEIU scab staffers, and absolutely lays SEIU out for the count:
The fundamental issues in the Fresno contest are clear then – the NUHW, if it wins this election, will maintain and build on standards fought for and won by members of the now wrecked UHW, including restoring recent Fresno County proposed wage cuts, while fighting for healthcare benefits for all, and challenging state caps on wages and benefits and a system that perpetuates for these workers a cycle of permanent poverty. Andy Stern has predicted that Fresno will be the “death knell” for NUHW. On the contrary, an SEIU win could be the “death knell” for the home care workers. SEIU has already lost in arbitration and conceded the County’s wage cut demands. SEIU sent in staff from out of state, led by Rebecca Malberg, a DC staffer who didn’t know the contract, had never handled a grievance and never witnessed an arbitration. SEIU refused to allow the members’ local bargaining team to attend arbitration hearings. Since the arbitration ruling in favor of the County, the SEIU has refused to share the findings with members, but it still calls the secret contract a “victory.”
That's just a taste - read the whole damn thing!

Ten Thousand Quatloos to Mr. Cal Winslow, a gentleman who has been there and has seen that in the labor movement going back several decades, and who makes it clear that it is NUHW who is on the side of the workers, and it is SEIU who is on the side of the bosses.

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