Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SEIU - The Interweb's One-Trick Pony

Anyone here wanna know why SEIU sucks?

Because whenever they come upon an issue that they think is important, their first approach is to set up a Trojan Horse website.

It happened to UNITE/HERE...

...then it happened to EAA via SEIU 721...

...and now the computer nerds at SEIU have decided to give the Fresno IHSS folks a big ole heapin' helpin' of internet obfuscation...

Considering the success that The Purple Plague has had with the EAA and UNITE/HERE raids, one would think that they would choose another page from the playbook.

The Fresno site is pretty clean right now - not much to it at this time - but don't be surprised if we start seeing all sorts of anti-NUHW propaganda showing up real soon.

I suppose that's mostly because Zombie UHW doesn't have anything good to brag about when it comes to the Fresno IHSS rank-and-file.

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