Thursday, May 21, 2009


The staff at Doctors Hospital in San Pablo have officially checked out of Hotel California, and have checked themselves into some fancy new digs!

Folks, this vote wasn't even close. It went as follows:

NUHW - 158 (79.4%)
SEIU - 24 (12.1%)
No Representation - 7 (3.5%)
Void ballots - 8 (4.%)
Challenged - 2 (1%)

The number of eligible voters in this election was approximately 300, and NUHW got an absolute majority of all eligible voters, and not just the landslide majority of those who voted (6-to-1 ratio of NUHW-to-SEIU, by the way).

I'm still looking for the SEIU reaction to this absolute punking they received at the hands of NUHW. I'm sure that Baghdad Michelle will have lots to say about this one, right? (/sarc)

There's really only one thing that The Purple Plague can say about the outcome of this fight:

Bottom line: In the first direct contest between NUHW and SEIU, it is NUHW who has emerged victorious.

Now it is time to take this momentum and carry it on to the fight down in Fresno, such that we can show Our Glorious Maximum Leader what a "death knell" really looks like.

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