Friday, May 15, 2009

He Said, He Said...

John Wilhelm of UNITE/HERE says that Bruce Raynor is suspended from all union duties and is no longer allowed to set foot on union premises except for the purpose of returning union property...

...while Bruce Raynor says that the UNITE/HERE E-board is not his boss, and that he will only agree to any kind of suspension that he personally, along with Mr. Wilhelm, would both agree to...

...or perhaps only a suspension that Raynor's new boss, Andy Stern, would agree to.

Raynor's letter above beggars belief that there is not any kind of discipline or suspension structure for E-board officers who get out of line. After all, Andy Stern sure as hell had one set up for Sal Rosselli, right?

This is why co-presidencies never, ever work.

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