Friday, December 4, 2009

Anatomy Of A SEIU Raid

Go forth and give this document from UNITE/HERE a read, and see how many SEIU traits are also being reflected at Zombie UHW.

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  1. Another defeat handed to SEIU. Local 634 of UNITE HERE soundly defeated SEIU's raiding practices. Local 634 members voted to remain in UNITE HERE by a vote of two to one.

    Andy Stern has also been proven once again to be a habitual liar. On July 8 of this year Andy was quoted that SEIU had no intentions of raiding Local 634. On July 9 of this year SEIU did, indeed, raid the local.

    Yes. The UHW Zombies are using very similar tactics against NUHW as they're using against UNITE HERE. But just like Local 634, NUHW is anticipating that it will defeat SEIU in California's health and home care battles with the Purple Plague.


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