Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Zombie UHW Charm Offensive Rolls On...

From Tasty's place...
On Christmas Eve, Terri Fernandez, UHW Zombie and rep with a reported history of being aggressive towards members, was at Kaiser Sunset doing her job as rep-i.e. eating lunch in the cafeteria.

One of the Sunset RNs saw Terri's purple shirt and decided to introduce herself and say, "I'm one of the RNs and I pay your salary and I just thought you'd like to see the union that we're voting for." She then showed Terri a leaflet that had dozens of RNs pictured on it.

Terri was NOT amused by this and grabbed the leaflet and ripped it in half said "I don't want anything that you have. You're a thief."

Some other RNs attracted by the ruckus came over and they were also treated to the Fernandez warmth-Terri proceeded to stamp, point her fingers at both of them and repeat, "Thief, thief!"

The RN's, who remain unclear why their rep would call them thieves, turned to their Kaiser co-workers who are still waiting for a decert election from the board and pointed out that the lady in question was not an errant psych patient, but the woman who was supposed to represent them for the union.

Gotta love those Zombies.

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  1. Terri Fernandez seems to be missing a few marbles. It's really sad that this kind of SEIU representative is your typical nut job appointed by the Purple Plague to represent, or should I say sabotage, health care workers.

    The main reason for SEIU's strategy of fear and intimidation is, I believe, because SEIU is desperate. Stern and his lackeys have lost credibility with many communities including the labor movement, politicians, the religous community, and even the academic community throughout Califronia and other parts of the country.

    So, it seems to me that the desperate Purple Plague continues to burn all their bridges connecting them to the people and organizations that they need. But then again, who needs corporate unionism?


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