Monday, December 21, 2009

Lost In The Turmoil

One item that came out last week has gotten little if any notice but has a direct relationship to one of Zombie UHW's proclaimed "victories" in bargaining.

It seems that the Alameda Hospital District may be looking to ask its staff to take some pay cuts - and instead of telling management (and everybody else) that a deal's a deal (like was told to the KaiPerm Pharmacy staff recently), the Zombies announced that they would be "willing to talk to management."

Now, SEIU crowed about the raises given the Alameda workers, but they neglected to brag about the fact that those workers are now, for the very first time in recent Bay Area healthcare history, being asked to assume a substantial amount of their health care insurance benefit.

It looks like those raises are now back on the table and subject to negotiation (downward), and the Alameda workers will still have to shell out for their health care coverage.

Stronger Together.

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  1. The disgusting SEIU corporate style union will do anything to appease the employer. Several industries, like the Alameda workers, court workers, etc., have been sold out by the Zombies by agreeing with the bosses that workers should pay for their own health benefits.

    As far as I'm concerned,SEIU should be driven out of California. We don't want their corporate style unionism!


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