Monday, December 28, 2009

Go To The Source...

Much as Red Revolt was the source for the best info regarding the SRMH election, it's turning out now that Sternburger With Fries is turning out to be the place to go regarding the inside dope on what's going down with the SoCal Kaiser election.

Tasty's place has a story about what happens when SoCal KaiPerm nurses complain about Zombie UHW bugging them, as well as what a Zombie UHW organizer is "offering" to the KaiPerm nurses if they will just vote SEIU's way.

Check it out...

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  1. In these desperate times for Zombie UHW, why would anyone be surprised that they are seriously considering to give the southern California Kaiser professionals to any union except NUHW if these professional workers will only vote for the Zombie UHW? SEIU knows perfectly well how despised they really are and therefore will go to any lengths to prevent workers from joining NUHW.

    SEIU: Your days of being able to fool workers to vote for you are gone. You've burned all your bridges and health care and home care workers will not be fooled again!




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