Friday, December 11, 2009

Strength In Numbers

The best part about having co-bloggers SternBurger With Fries and Red Revolt on the case is that when things are slow around here, the other two usually will have some nice fresh material, and that's certainly the case today.

Over at SternBurger, we have Our Glorious Maximum Leader's minions channeling their inner Marie Antoinette, and also there is a report from a former UHW staff rep who spent some time organizing in Africa after the trusteeship, and has returned in the wake of the NLRB decision to assist in the Kaiser org effort down in SoCal.

Keyser over at Red Revolt, meanwhile, has an outstanding compare-and-contrast session between a Zombie flyer and a NUHW flyer, as well as a man-on-the-street report from the recent Zombie "protest" at SRMH in which they brag on bringing out 250 people, none of whom were SRMH employees.

Happy surfing, everyone.

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  1. The Zombie UHW believes that they can bribe Memorial workers by feeding them cake. Well, if I were an employee at Memorial I would have trashed the cake. That's where the cakes belong. In the trash can!


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