Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NLRB to SEIU: Time to Vote!

This just in from the NUHW KaiPerm director:

Some really great news today. We just won an important decision from the NLRB. The NLRB notified us today that they are ordering an election for the three Chapters in Southern California. The Kaiser bargaining units are:

1. AFN (Registered Nurses at Los Angeles Medical Center)
2. Psych-Social Chapter in the Southern California Region (Medical Social Workers, Psychologists etc.)
3. Health Care Professionals (Health Educators, Dietitians, Speech Pathologists, and Audiologists)

Good news all around.

I hope SEIU has a big bullpen, because they're gonna need quite a few egg-throwers in the upcoming month or so.


  1. About F___ing time!!!! Let's get NUHW operating on the west coast with contracts settled so we can expand it to the east coast. Lookout SEIU we're coming soon............ Very sooooon!

  2. I'm sure that Andy and his cronies are really getting scared around now. With the NLRB deciding that Kaiser professionals in southern California can vote and decide to join a union of their choice, NUHW, SEIU can see the writing on the wall. And don't forget about Memorial, healthcare workers in Santa Rosa will also be giving SEIU a stunning defeat.

    NUHW is on a roll. SEIU watch out.


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